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Solutions with Vuototecnica vacuum generators and pneumatic pumpsets

GVMM: Energy saving and maximum performance on multiple fronts

Is it possible to have excellent performance with multiple independent vacuum outlets and at the same time focus on energy savings?
Vuototecnica’s GVMM multifunctional modular vacuum generators provide the answer to this question: of course it is. Designed to be assembled with IM intermediate modules, with the simple use of screws, without external manifolds, GVMM are modular, flexible and extremely light.
Thanks to these generators, as you can see from the video, it is possible to serve multiple users thanks to autonomous vacuum connections, without having to modify anything.
The suction capacity is high but the most surprising aspect is that this is accompanied by a great saving of compressed air. In fact, the generator creates the vacuum when it is necessary, activating the micro solenoid valve that feeds the compressed air. When the vacuum value reaches the preset value, the vacuum switch acts on the electric coil of the solenoid valve and thus interrupts the supply, which is restored only when the vacuum level returns below the minimum safety value. If desired, a second signal from the vacuum switch, independent of the first, can be considered to start the cycle when the vacuum level is suitable.
In order to obtain the energy saving described above, GVMM generators must be equipped with a set of cables (item code 00 15 202 / 00 15 203), to connect the vacuum switch and the micro solenoid valves.

When the power supply fails for any reason, a built-in check valve maintains the vacuum level in the circuit. GVMM vacuum generators and their IM modules also include a screw regulator for dosing the compressed air expulsion. It is possible to choose the number of vacuum units, requesting the multifunction vacuum generator and the intermediate modules, in the desired number and with the desired capacities, already assembled together, or assembling later one or more intermediate modules to the GVMM generator already installed.

GVMM can be inspected and allow an easy maintenance, starting from the distributor suction filter; moreover, great advantage, they can be installed in any position, thanks to their compactness and lightness. They are available with minimum capacities of 3 mc/h and maximum capacities of 14 mc/h and a maximum attainable vacuum level of -85 KPa.
GVMM with integrated Energy Saving device

Record speed, unbelievable grip and release: Fast Vacuum Generator

Notice the speed at which the robot in the video transfers the ceramic tiles from one belt to another. It is crazy!

This is possible thanks to Vuototecnica FVG 5 vacuum generator.

The Fast Vacuum Generator ejector guarantees flexibility and reliability and at very high frequency, even on very short working-cycles (less than 30 msec).
FVG is very light, made of anodised aluminum, and this allows installation anywhere.
Fast Vacuum Generator FVG 5 Moreover, it has a large capacity of suction flow and the possibility of a system that can be excluded by the customer, for the generation of a counter-blow inside the suction cup when the part to manipulate is released.

Thanks to these characteristics and its durability, it has proved to be the perfect product in the robotized pick and place, in different production environments. With unparalleled performance.

The age of low energy vacuum generators for the automotive sector

The Automotive sector increasingly requires equipment with excellent performances and limited weight and bulk. In order to meet these requirements, Vuototecnica, in close collaboration with the engineering departments of the major automobile companies, has created the new Automotive Vacuum Generators (AVG).
They are equipped with single ejectors that, given the same capacity of generators with multiple ejectors, allow generating vacuum more rapidly with an instant grip by the vacuum cups (Maxigrip Cups) as a result.
The standard equipment also includes a device that guarantees 40% energy saving in terms of air consumption, compared to traditional vacuum generators.
All this thanks to the built-in standard pneumatic vacuum switch, which interrupts the compressed air supply once the preset maximum vacuum value is reached and restores it only when the vacuum level returns below the minimum threshold.
vacuum generators AVG (Automotive Vacuum Generator)
AVG automotive.jpg All this not only allows maintaining the vacuum level within preset safety values, but also a considerable saving of compressed air.
The unique AVG design allows the equipment to operate in “Energy Saving” mode, as indicated above, even in total absence of electricity. This is an essential factor in the robotic lines of the automotive industry in case of sudden downtime or blackouts. The standard Venturi pipes installed on the robot grippers are constantly controlled by a normally open pneumatic valve for the entire time the electricity is absent to prevent the loss of the metal sheets or the windows of the automobile in the assembly line. An energy consumption that is unacceptable for lines equipped with hundreds of Venturi pipes can be easily solved using Automotive Vacuum Generators.
Once the work cycle is completed, the power supply micro solenoid valve is deactivated by means of an electrical pulse while, at the same time, the ejection solenoid valve is activated for quick restoration of the atmospheric pressure inside the vacuum cups. AVG vacuum generators are set for the installation of a digital micro-switch.

AVG vacuum generator on a stacker for wooden panels

A furniture manufacturer decided to use an AVG 18 for the vacuum generation and control on a stacker with suction cups for wood panels.

Robots integrator’s innovative choice was to replace a dry rotary vane pump (still used by many companies producing furniture).

This pump took up a lot time and money for the maintenance of graphite vanes and control of suction filters, which easily clogged in this operating situation.
Wood dust tends to create problems to vacuum pumps that, very often, become noisy, overheat and are easily subjected to seizure. It was not easy even to assembly the rotary vane pump at the base of the robot, because the vacuum must be subsequently distributed with large pipe sections on the gripper to the suction cups.

The manufacturer found with AVG 18 ejector, all the major functions of a traditional vacuum circuit (generation, maintenance and vacuum control), and also assured, to the end user, a sustainable working environment, thanks to the free-flow exhaust silencers of the SSX series mounted on the ejector as standard accessories.

In addition, the installation on board on the gripping hand – as you can see in this video – was straightforward and allowed to eliminate the large pipes inside the wireway, replacing them with a small tube for compressed air power supply to AVG ejector.
The wood dust sucked through the suction cups is no longer a problem because AVG operates, via an integrated control solenoid valve, a compressed air blow-off, which allows you to keep clean the suction pipes and cups.
AVG A further important advantage of AVG is the possibility to save 40% of compressed air. There is in fact an integrated adjustable pneumatic vacuum switch suspending the air supply when the generator reaches the maximum vacuum value predetermined by the customer and restoring it only when the degree of vacuum comes below the minimum.
Even without electrical power, for example during blackouts, AVG continues to save energy, when instead all the other vacuum ejectors available on the market, in case of a power failure, are continuously fed with compressed air through a normally opened solenoid valve: air continuously consuming (when the suction cups are gripping the object, too).
Effective pneumatic energy saving, thanks to which you can consume compressed air just for the vacuum generation time in suction cups.

Vuototecnica PVP7SX: super-fast and strong ally in plastics micro molding

Today, we tell you about how one of our customers, manufacturer of molding machines for plastics, exploited the great speed and the extent of depletion of our single stage ejector PVP7SX.

PVP7SX, you can see in action in the video below, is designed, for this application, for the discharge of micro plastic parts from the manufacturing mold.

As you can see, PVP7SX sucks through some glasses that function as syphons for retaining the micro plastic parts which come from prints obtained in the mold.
PVP7SX was appreciated by customers for its total inspectionability and the quality of the materials with which it is built, that will ensure a long life: anticorodal aluminum body and injectors in stainless steel. Also PVP7SX is already equipped as standard with a vacuum gauge to display the generation of vacuum and a free flow exhaust muffler (SSX series), which never creates problems of occlusion, even in case of dust coming from aspiration or dirty supply compressed air.

The importance of silence

When operating with pneumatic vacuum generators, you often use devices that maybe are valid from the point of view of efficiency and use, but are problematic in terms of living conditions in the work environment for the noise they cause expelling air from the venturi exhaust tube.

For this reason Vuototecnica has been working to make the everyday life of professionals sustainable, proposing its range of exhaust silencers, SSX and 2SSX, which can be assembled on single stage and multistage vacuum generators. You do not know the importance of silence until you try; after all, you spend most of the day at work and better conditions often mean improved productivity and concentration. SSX and 2SSX silencers are composed of a hollow cylindrical body, made of anodized aluminum, which contains rings of special material in natural fibers, sound absorbing and resistant to possible vaporization of oil and liquids.

SSX silencers
silence is gold Their “free flow” configuration (with an air passing open discharge hole that recalls the silencers for guns) avoids any risk of clogging that you normally have with traditional silencers for compressed air that are generally closed. This clogging is normally generated by mixing powders coming from Venturi aspiration that join ejector supply compressed air condenses or oil vapors.

SSX and 2SSX silencers are able to significantly bring down the noise of the air during the discharge of vacuum generators; two versions are available, which are characterized by the length: longer the silencer, greater the noise reduction.

You can get a reduction in noise levels from -13 to -20 dB (A) with a temperature from -20 to +100 ° C.

Standing out for efficiency and effectiveness of noise reduction, they have already been used for other applications such as insulation of exhaust valves or pneumatic cylinders.

Suck and transport glue granules, shavings and grains thanks to CX flow generators

In this video you can see an application of Vuototecnica CX25 flow generators.

The system is designed for the pneumatic transport in suction and pressure of glue granules, in a simple and effective way.

As you can see, CX generators have been grafted on the transportation pipeline of grains and they are powered by compressed air at only 2 bar pressure.

The lack of moving parts also allows continuous use, without heat.
CX25 flow generator They do not need electricity, therefore they can also be used in environments, that are subjected to risk of fire or explosion.

They can also be useful to carry, for several meters, other types of material: wood pellets and powders with considerable difference in height, for example. They have a simple maintenance, and are also available in stainless steel for the transport of highly abrasive powders.

Unstacking wood panels in a simple and clean way

In this video, you can see a wooden boards unstacker in action; it is equipped with Vuototecnica products. This system differs from those normally used, because the vacuum is decentralized. Vuototecnica pneumatic vacuum generators with integrated ejector, series 150210, allow greater ease of vacuum management and are the ideal product in this field of application. In fact, the presence of shavings and dust could create system problems, working with wood. But this does not happen! These vacuum generators are in fact provided with an integrated counter-blow with considerably faster grip and release rates and no possibility of clogging.
pneumatic vacuum generators with integrated ejector 15 02 10 No more pumps which are far from the gripping hand, no more bulky pipes and cables, which showed a continuous risk of breaking tubes, in the busy daily operations, working in the plant.

In addition, Vuototecnica ejectors allow the independence of each suction cup; thus avoided problems eventually arising from loss of grip of other suction cups.

As you can see in the video, this independence has another advantage. The individual rows of suction cups act autonomously and this creates a shaking action that is ideal for browsing the wood panels. In this way, we can raise two or more panels at one time, and the operations proceed in a fast and secure way.

PVP pneumatic vacuum generators with multiple ejectors: the vacuum source ideal for palletizing and de-palletizing

In this video you can see in action the PVP 25 MX multistage pneumatic vacuum generator and the 088510N paranatural rubber suction cups: a perfect match for gripping and palletizing boxes and drums of paint.

These generators are suitable for a lot of palletizing and de-palletizing applications, not only with the items you can see in the video; and suction cups are customized according to application fields. Many manufacturers require Vuototecnica multistage generators aboard their cartesian or anthropomorphic robots because they have unrivaled characteristics.

PVP 75-50 MDX Beginning with their ease of assembly and their management on grippers. These generators are available with suction flow rates that can exceed 700 mc/h so you can also replace side channels aspirators that usually manufacturers install with large suction pipes on the gripper, binding its movements and operational flexibility.

The customer can also manage compressed air consumption at achieving a vacuum degree suitable for suction cups operation.
Think of all those applications for palletizing and de-palletizing of objects and products which have a good seal (sheets, glass plates, plastic parts etc).
The energy saving can be guaranteed by the ES01/02 kit (Energy Saving), consisting of a pneumatic vacuum switch, a pneumatic pilot operated valve and a check membrane valve for vacuum.

ES01/02 kit, assembled on the vacuum generators of the series PVP__MDX, manages the opening and closing of the pneumatic supply of the generator.

The pneumatic vacuum switch, properly set by the user on a vacuum value, actuates the slide supply pneumatic valve pneumatic of the Venturi.
Energy Saving
When reaching the set vacuum degree and when pneumatic supply of the Venturi stops, the check valve membrane, mounted on the suction inlet of the generator, keeps in vacuum the application (for example, the suction cups). The power supply of the Venturi starts only in case of a loss of vacuum degree detected by the pneumatic vacuum switch. The end result is a compressed air consumption which is directly proportional to the actual time for emptying suction cups that pick up the details of good seal.

Vuototecnica is going on in its mission for innovation and you are going to find a new range of multi-stage ejectors soon: PVP__LP (Low Pressure). They have identical sizes and dimensions from the corresponding PVP series but they operate at a pressure of only 3 bar (compared with actual 6 bar) for a maximum performance in terms of flow rate and vacuum degree. This is obviously a turning point from the energy point of view and as regards their use because these ejectors may also be used in situations where the user is not able to ensure 6 bar pressure on the production line.

Renew your production line with Vuototecnica

Vuototecnica provides for the creation of ad hoc solutions for gripping and handling each type of object, but it deals not only with new productions lines, it is able to help also in improving old automation lines.

You have an example of an interesting improvement made with a croissants producer, that uses a renown German line, in this video.

Vuototecnica worked on the vacuum generation by directly applying on each robotic arm an ejector system, series 15 04 10.
Previously, a centralized vacuum plant was mounted on the line, with a side channels aspirator and solenoid valves for opening and closing on each arm. The user found a greater operating speed and a big advantage due to the fact that every single manipulator arm has its own vacuum source and its independence now. The 15 04 10 ensures vacuum and blow to the gripping suction cup quickly and continuity is ensured even when one or more automation systems does not hold the piece (this did not happen with the old centralized systems).

In addition to 15 04 10, Vuototecnica designed a whole series of ejectors with integrated extruder. For example, there is a similar model (15 02 10) which is smaller in size, but equally efficient. The ideal product for picking robot needing lightness and miniaturized components is the FVG-3/5.

Gripping ceramic tiles: save energy, caring about quality!

See with your own eyes the advantage gained thanks to the use of Vuototecnica products.

It is the best way for you to understand the work and passion that the company puts into play in all fields of relevance.

Consider, for example, ceramic tiles pick & place, in this video.

GVMM modular multifunctional ejectors were mounted on a tiles sorting machine. They are so compact and so little that you can’t almost see them.
In addition, they allow a great operating speed, because the vacuum generation and the blow-off release take place in a flash. Besides the advantages which are immediately visible, the manufacturer found a remarkable supply compressed air energetic saving. This thanks to multistage ejectors vacuum generation technology.

The generator creates the vacuum at at use, activating the compressed air supply micro solenoid valve. When the maximum is reached, the vacuum switch acts on the micro solenoid valve electric coil and interrupts the power supply. The vacuum switch restores the power supply when the vacuum degree falls below the set minimum value. So you can establish yourself safety values and you can save money.
GCVMM with energy saving cables
In the application case illustrated in this video, the customer choose to enhance energy saving, using a special cable that connects the digital vacuum switch with the compressed air supply valve, allowing the supply stop as soon as you reach the optimal vacuum degree, dealing with the gripping and release of the tiles.

Another Vuototecnica GVMM plus point is you can do a total inspection. You can carry out the ejector maintenance in its every single component, in a fast and simple way.

You can understand well that this is a basic requirement, especially when you have to do with production environments like this in which you can find a strong presence of impalpable powders that can clog the suction filters thus affecting productivity.

Unstacking boxes and trays with Vuototecnica PVP1

You can see two unstackers for plastic trays, in the following video.

The trays are disimpilated with ease and on a regular basis and then equipped with cover.

If you pay attention to the pictures, you can see, in line with the suction cups, decentralized vacuum sources, very close to suction cups.

These are Vuototenica PVP1 single-stage vacuum generators.

PVP1 are not bulky and they are easy to assemble to supports as well as very quiet.

They take advantage of Venturi principle and the maintenance is very simple.

They are not in plastic as many competitor products are instead; nozzles are made ​​of anodized aluminum and do not deform over time, even when the supply compressed air is contaminated with liquid or impurities that could damage them.

For this reason, the air flow and the characteristics of consumption are not changing, if you’ll do regular maintenance; even after several years of operation.

Construction sites: generate vacuum with motor compressor

DOP pneumatic mini pump
Hoisting equipment with suction cups are still the safest and easiest way to install glass in windows, in building sites, during renovations or construction of new buildings.

For the supply of suction cups in such situations, Vuototecnica designed DOP pneumatic mini pump set powered exclusively by compressed air, with PVP multi-stage pneumatic vacuum generators and energy saving device.

These devices allow to maintain automatically the preset vacuum degree in the tank and in the suction cups, thanks to the standard pneumatic vacuum switch. So you can avoid unpleasant and costly losses of load
They are equipped with a tank in welded sheet steel, a vacuum gauge for the reading, a manual valve for intercepting vacuum, a suction filter with paper cartridge, a pressure regulator with filter, a pneumatic valve to open or close the generator power supply, a pinch valve for the compressed air and a tap to drain the condensate of the tank.

The fact that they are fed and managed exclusively with compressed air makes them particularly suitable for environments such as construction sites; when there is no electric power supply or in areas at risk of explosion.
To know in detail DOP mini pump set operation and benefits for your business, contact Vuototecnica designers.

Vacuum in front line with GV 1-2-3 vacuum generators

Vuototecnica makes components grip and release perfect thanks to vacuum, every day, from every point of view, in all production stages and in all industries.

To facilitate the customers, it designed GV 1-2-3 single-stage vacuum generators in line.

These vacuum generators are based on Venturi principle. What distinguish them from classical vacuum generators are, first of all, the compact design and the lightness.
For these characteristics, they can be assembled directly on the supports of the suction cups or mounted in axis even on the cup holder, in place of the coupling. All with extreme simplicity. The connections for the supply air and for the vacuum are on the same axis, while the intake and exhaust air drain, in threaded brass, is orthogonal to them, as you can see from the video.

For a matter of cleaning and for grip and release at high frequency, closing with a valve the drain of the ejector, the customer can create a counter blow, generated on the suction cup, in order to speed the release phase and to expel any impurities sucked during the manipulation of components, thus avoiding the occlusion of the ejector. The generators are made of excellent quality materials, too: they are made of anodized aluminum and brass.

Cleaning and high safety standards thanks to adjustable vacuum generator conveyor PVR25

In this video you can see in action Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator PVR 25, directly connected to 08 30 32 S suction cup.

The incredible ease with which these baked goods are handled immediately surprise.

They are all different from each other and characterized by irregular surfaces and large amount of crumbs and spices that are usually a big problem because they easily clog suction cups and above all vacuum sources connected with them.
Rotary vane pumps and side channel aspirators just for this reason should always be equipped with suction filters which must be regularly inspected and sanitized to prevent the generation of mold inside.

With Vuototecnica adjustable vacuum generator PVR 25 there is no danger of clogging and there is no need for filters, because all residues pass through it without any problems. You can convey them into a special recovery site. Instead, occluding the 25 PVR ejector drain with a normally open two-way valve, you can generate a counter blow that speeds up the discharge and at the same time cleans the suction cup.

PVR 25 allows a vacuum decentralization. It can be connected, as well as directly to the suction cup, also to dispensers involving several vacuum suction cups. This direct coupling with suction cups allows a speed of grip and release that, as you can see, is practically instantaneous. Simply rotating the discharge section of the ejector you can adjust the degree of vacuum and the volumetric flow rate according to the porosity characteristics of the product to manipulate. The noise level of PVR adjustable vacuum generators can also be considerably mitigated thanks to a SSX silencer, screwed on the connection of the exhaust air.

As regards 08 30 32 S suction cup, it adapts perfectly to irregular surfaces due to its soft lip and it is in FDA certifiable silicone. It is also possible to request it in in magnetic silicone, a material that is easily detectable in case of breakage or accidental loss thanks to metal detectors used for the protection of foods, able to detect ferrite powder. This material also has a high resistance to solvents, UV rays, oxygen, ozone and chlorine, putting up any production environment and all temperatures, from -50° to 275° C, for any kind of food.

Multi-function modular vacuum generator: flexibility has never been easier

Today, robotics industry requires devices with excellent performance and several vacuum outlets for the self-enslavement of additional utilities. Given the new design standard, light weight and size are critical. So, how to meet quality with practical needs?

Vuototecnica created GVMM multi-function modular vacuum generators, produced for MI intermediate module assembly, with the simple use of screws, without external manifolds. What makes these generators unique is their modular use. You can hardly find this flexibility in other products; this flexibility allows you to serve several utilities due to independent vacuum outlets, changing almost nothing.
You can choose vacuum units number, requiring multi-function vacuum generator and the intermediate modules, in selected number and flow rates, already assembled together; or you can assemble one or more intermediate GVMM_01modules on GVMM, already installed on the automatism. GVMM can be easily inspected and opened for carefree maintenance, from distributor intake filter; in addition, they can be installed everywhere.

They have a great suction capacity and allow a high saving of compressed air. The generator, in fact, creates vacuum only when you need it, thanks to the activation of compressed air supply micro solenoid valve. When the vacuum value reaches the preset maximum, the vacuum switch operates on the electric coil of the solenoid valve to stop the supply; it is restored only when the degree of vacuum falls below the minimum safety value. You can also use a second signal from the vacuum switch, independently from the first, to start the cycle when the vacuum degree is suitable for the application. In absence of supply, a check valve is integrated for the maintenance of vacuum degree in the circuit. GVMM vacuum generators and MI modules, are all equipped with a screw regulator for dispensing ejector compressed air.

They are available with a minimum flow of 3 mc/h, a maximum flow of 14 mc/h and a maximum achievable vacuum level of -85 kPa. On request, there is a set of cables with integrated Energy Saving device, for connecting the vacuum switch and micro solenoid valves.

The strength of a tornado, cleaning at work

For transferring granules, powders, metal chips, liquid and dry food, sawdust and other materials that could annoy gripping and handling operations, Vuototecnica conceived a simple solution, maintenance free.

Vacuum Jet flow generators were created for this purpose, and they not only allow the transfer of products of different nature, they enable the aspiration of fumes, water and oil condensation, coolants mist and other elements that could annoy the operating cycle.
These flow generators, powered exclusively by compressed air, can be used in environments with danger of fire or explosion. The absence of moving parts allows continuous use without heat generation. What makes them really special is that they don’t need any maintenance, a good filtration of compressed air is enough to completely forget them.

But how do these little gems work?
The compressed air, blown into an annular chamber, which is concentric to the device, flows, at very high speed, towards the center of the main pipe, creating a cyclonic effect.
The cyclonic effect has the property to create a depression inside the device and to induce a large volume of air toward the exit. By varying the feeding air pressure, consequently, vary depression and intake air amount.
They are available in various sizes, with minimum suction flow of 12mc/h up to 405 mc/h and with a minimum flow rate of blowing of 17 mc/h up to 525 mc/h, the maximum achievable vacuum level is equal to –20 KPa.

Saving energy in vacuum generation: MVG with energy saving cable

In the video you can see two Vuototecnica MVG vacuum generators working on two suction cups with the task of holding some plastic half-shells.
Two energy saving cables are connected with MVG generators: they are perfect for reducing consumption.

When you reach the ideal degree of vacuum, the supply of compressed air is closed and it starts again in case of loss or when the vacuum level drops. Thus, the ejectors work with pneumatic pulses and this makes them particularly competitive as regards the efficiency combined with a considerable energy saving.
The degree of vacuum is maintained within the values set, saving compressed air.

MVG generators are autonomous vacuum units that are able to serve, in self-sustaining manner, a depression gripping system. They are very compact and have a very strong suction capacity considering their small size. They are ideal for industrial robotics sector where equipment with excellent performance but with much reduced weight and size are increasingly required.

MVG generators are connected to FCL in-line filters able to retain impurities and fine powders. Thanks to their shape they can be easily inspected and allow a greater visual control of all the points of suction of the machinery.

Slotter for cartons:
no more noise and maintenance with Vuototecnica PVP MDX series vacuum generators

In the video you can see a slotter machine for cartons in action.

Normally you should immediately see a big electric dry rotating vane pump, and, above all, you should hear its noise.

But you don’t hear nor see anything annoying, because Vuototecnica replaced this pump with a PVP MDX series vacuum generator.

This efficient vacuum generator branded Vuototecnica is extremely quiet and it doesn’t disturb the working environment.
As you can see, it is installed on a wall which is located right next to the machine operator, because it doesn’t give any trouble to the staff at work, not even in terms of heat output. According to cardboard types and their porosity, the operator can manage the capacity of suction flow and the degree of vacuum acting on the pressure regulator that feeds PVP MDX series generator.

The pneumatic ejector consumes no more energy or compressed air than a rotating vane pump, as many still believe instead. And the benefits are several. The maintenance of the generator that you see in action in this video is absolutely nothing compared to time and money you have to devote to rotating vane pumps, which often need to replace blades, gaskets and filters. The rotating vane pumps, in addition, emit a lot of heat and are always at risk of overheating the electric motor.

Regarding Vuotecnica generator, the maintenance is reduced to cleaning the paper cartridge of suction filter (FC series) with a simple gun for compressed air. The filter is assembled directly on the suction inlet of the vacuum generator. What do you want more?

Vuototecnica FVGs: Seize the moment!

Vuototecnica has made this incredible phenomenon the basis for resolving the problems of manufacturers, and has succeeded in bringing it to life.

When it comes to robotic automation systems, the FVG (Fast Vacuum Generator) single-stage vacuum generator with ejector gprovides for flexible and reliable gripping, and is capable of do so at incredible speeds by proactively reacting to extremely short working-cycles, typically with flexible picker robots.
Thanks to its anodized aluminium frame, in fact, the FVG is extremely lightweight and is capable of sustaining high gripping and releasing frequencies (less than 30 msec). A cutting-edge device in every respect:

• Maximum supply pressure: 4 bar
• Available with flow rates of 3 or 5 m3/h (FVG3-FVG5)
• Maximum vacuum level: -85 KPa
• Excludable ejector

The FVG even comes equipped with a system for generating a counter blow inside the vacuum cup upon the release of the component being handled, which can even be disabled by the customer. It’s easy to install and has proven to be ideal for robotic pick-and-place operations in the packaging industry and other manufacturing sectors.

Save energy with the AVG vacuum generator

For businesses, saving energy has now become a primary necessity. And the automotive industry, in which operational performance goes hand in hand with the need for energy efficiency, is a perfect example. These requirements must be taken into account for the robotic handling of sheet metal, glass and plastic automotive parts.
Vuototecnica fully satisfies these requirements with the AVG (automotive vacuum generator), which is designed to be mounted directly upon the robots themselves, even the smallest and most flexible models.
Due to specific industry requirements, the AVG has been specially equipped with single stage ejectors in order to ensure faster vacuum generation within the vacuum cups mounted upon the gripping elements.

Thanks to the AVG’s adjustable and integrated pneumatic vacuum switch, companies can enjoy a compressed air savings of up to 40%. In fact, the AVG unit is designed to interrupt the compressed air flow when it reaches the predetermined maximum vacuum level, and only reactivates it when the vacuum level falls below the minimum threshold.
The AVG even continues to save energy, as described above, in the total absence of electrical power, or rather in the event of a power failure or line disconnection. Thanks to this essential energy saving feature, the AVG has succeeded in distinguishing itself from its various competitors throughout the industry.

In fact, the standard venturi tubes installed upon the grippers of the automotive industry’s robots are generally supplied by normally open solenoid compressed air valves which, due to their configuration, continue to remain open (and consume compressed air), even when the power supply is not present. The AVG, on the other hand, maintains its power-saving functionality even when its miniature pneumatic solenoid valve is disconnected from the electrical electrical power supply. A second miniature pneumatic solenoid valve is mounted on board the AVG for injecting compressed air into the vacuum circuit, thus ensuring the rapid recovery of the atmospheric pressure inside the vacuum cups, as well as the thorough cleaning of the vacuum pipes.

Thanks to its larger and high-performance SSX series free-flow exhaust mufflers, the AVG will not cause increased noise pollution at the workplace. The unit can be equipped with a 12 05 11 series micro digital vacuum switch, and is even available in the AVG..P configuration, which guarantees the jolt and impact protection required by the automotive industry.

The AVG range is currently made up of the following models: AVG18 and AVG25


Supersonic speeds with single-stage vacuum generators

For grip and release applications at very high frequencies in any application requiring considerable speed, Vuototecnica proposes the single-stage vacuum generators with ejector 15 02 10.

These single-stage Venturi ejectors have the special characteristic of being equipped with a compressed air storage chamber which is loaded during the ejector supply phase, to then be automatically discharged inside the sucker cup to generate a counter blow to facilitate the release of the object picked up.

In the video, you can have a look at one of the many uses of the vacuum generator 15 02 10 and see the fast operating speeds permitted by this instrument for extreme cycles, like with the rate of 23,000 cycles/h shown in the footage.

Non-stop packaging: Vuototecnica cartridge vacuum generators

Palletising, packaging, pick'n'place, shaping,thermoforming, and sealing machines. The Packaging sector uses different machine to deliver the perfect, packaged products we use daily to our homes. Many of the machines use vacuum suction cups for pick-up and handling.

For nearly forty years Vuototecnica has manufactured products targeted at the packaging sector, offering updated and efficient solutions for all machines and all technical requirements.
PVR 1-4 cartridge vacuum generators
PVR 1-4 working principle The new PVR 1-4 cartridge vacuum generators can be directly integrated on the suction pick-up parts of packaging machines. In addition they allow for the suctioning of dust and small processing residues that may result from the handling of bulk products. Without causing clogging.

Therefore they are ideal for machines including: cartoning, wrapping, and blistering machines and all machines which require high operation frequency without the burden of stopping the machine to clean suction filters.

The PVR 1-4 cartridge vacuum generators have a maximum output even at low working pressures (2-3 bar) with a maximum vacuum level of -70 KPa.

Vacuum generation at the speed of Flexible Picker Robots

Automation through robots ensures the flexibility, productivity and and reliability necessary to the use in order to respond proactively to shorter life-cycles, new packaging designs and new product variations.
The three-gripper robots, real technological spiders, require gripping and vacuum generation technologies that can keep up to pace with the times.
Very small size, significantly reduced weight: these are the features which make the new Vuototecnica vacuum generator FVG (Fast Vacuum generator) with ejector, the preferred product for installation on flexible pickers.
Specifically designed for very high frequency picking and placement, it is made completely of anodized aluminium. It is equipped with a system, which can be disabled by the customer, for generating a counter blow inside the suction cup at the moment the component to be handled is released. Maximum output even at low supply pressure together with the ease of installation and its small size, make this generator an essential ally in robotised pick up and placement.

Vacuum technology in packaging processes

vacuum and packaging Beverage, Cosmetics & Health Care and Chemical industries bring positive performances to the market, recording favourable trends for the Italian packaging industry.

According to a post economic crisis market monitoring conducted by the UCIMA research office, the Italian packaging machine manufacturers association, 2011 is a good year for the packaging and automatic packaging sectors. Their growth in recent months has been assisted by systems and software that were fine-tuned in order to accelerate and simplify packaging processes.
Vuototecnica offers a wide range of vacuum cups and many other applications. When employed in the packaging industry, they ensure effective and innovative solutions.

Examples are the energy-saving AVG vacuum generators, suitable for interlocking vacuum grip systems, for handling sheet metal and glass, as well as plastics and cardboard, which are all necessary for product packaging.

To learn more about AVG generators, click here, or contact the Vuototecnica experts here in order to find the handling and control system that best suits your packaging process, with customised solutions.
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